Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Formal

Tonight is Simi's Winter Formal at the Ronald Reagan Library and Lindsey had a date! She looked so cute and her friends were as well. Lindsey went with a boy from the soccer team (who else?) his name is Tony. She even found a way to have her Best Friends with her. After a day of hair, make up and all the girl fluff, I am glad I only have 2 girls and they are 7 years apart. Mostly because all the things girl's like I hate. Hair, Make up and SHOPPING! Actually, the only time it is fun shopping is at Christmas time when I go with a friend that makes me laugh so hard in the Underwear department as we pick out fun things for lindsey's stocking. Now that she has moved away I really don't like shopping. Like I always say, "Boys have it made, if I could shave my head and not wear make up and stay married it would be a good day!"


Fairchild Family said...

Love the photos and your daughter's hair looks great! I tried saying I hated all that stuff (just like chocolate) but somehow it took control and won me over. I'll take you to the underwear isle to laugh anytime :)

Kim said...

Lindsay looks beautiful! And you know I am always up for shopping!