Friday, June 12, 2009

Nick had his last basketball game. He averaged about 10 points per game and played great! I think we might have a basketball player. Maybe he will be tall?

More Senior Pics

What a Beauty!!

Since the other ones were not quit what Lindsey wanted I had to do another shoot. If you ever see my car off the road in a ditch or in a strange place, you will know I am taking pictures. All the poor families and kids that I make hike to my favorite picture taking places. Here they are...

Senior prom

As hard as this day was Lindsey sure was beautiful and had a good time. Her hair looked great and went perfect with her dress. She went with a group of friends and her friend Sarah. They met at a house and there was 2 huge Limo's that where filled in every seat. I can't believe this is her last school dance.

Face Race

I guess there was a day I had no clean silverware, so my children invented this game called "face race". They have all these rules and people actually come to do it. Tim would be very proud since it is his invention.

Mormon Prom again?

This is a story that is really a good memory. Lindsey went with Amanda and her family to her grandmothers 90th birthday party. On the way home lindsey got a call from Sterling and he invited her to go to his Prom. Well Lindsey was not thirlled at first because she had not gone to a dance without her best friend. Amanda talked her into going and they couldn't wait to get together afterwards to have lindsey tell of the night. unfortunetly, this prom was 3 days after Amanda's passing. I am sure Amanda saw the whole thing!!

Next Steps

I have not been excited about blogging again. I think mostly because I don't want to change the first picture of Amanda. But, like the title says..."Next Steps" we have made lots of steps this past 6 weeks and I need to share the good things too. so enjoy our ride...