Sunday, March 1, 2009

Emergency Room Trip

Sunday's are usually nice and quiet. But not today...during my nice nap in preparation for Monday I hear Matthew come running out of his room yelling "Hospital, Hospital." He runs downstairs dripping blood instead of walking out of his room into the upstairs bathroom and runs around. I finally stopped him and the trail of blood to see that his finger is bleeding. As I am looking at his finger Matt tells me he was cutting a book and the pocketknife shut on his finger. This is really exciting to me, I can't wait to go and see some stitches. The emergency room is full and after 2 1/2 hours of waiting, we made it back home with his finger bandaged up and good to go. However, the story is he ran into a burning building to save a little girl and had to break a window. As he crawled through the window he cut his finger, but saved the little girl. True, it does sound better.

Spring is Here!

I love March! The hills in Simi Valley are green, the flowers are blooming, the air is clean and clear and I look around and want to clean up the winter warmers and bring out the water table. However, this weekend I layed in bed getting over a cold and I milked it today and stayed home from church. It is really nice and quiet! Dave can't handle being at church without me so he comes home to check on me but I fake being asleep. I took a long nap and now I really should work on my chemistry test but another nap is going to win.