Friday, August 21, 2009

Liver? No thanks!

I have not been good at posting things lately but for good reason. My grandmother passed away on August 9th. Really it was such a blessing! She was almost 90 years old and until the last 6 weeks she took care of herself just fine. Then she got sick and cancer was discovered after a few visits to the hospital. Cancer from her throat to her torso. Really a fast passing from this life. Some fun memories from my Grandmother was waking up at her house as a child with the smell of eggs and bacon cooking along with coffee. Now I have never tasted coffee but it sure smells good in the cool California mornings. I was also blessed to be with her as she entered the Temple for the first time at age 87. If anyone knows me, you know that my family no matter were you are, are the most important things to me. So I became even more lucky to have all my brothers and sisters and parents come the next week for the funeral. This might sound weird but even dressing my grandmother was a good experience with my mom. My brother Jeremy came Tueday night and we had a great BBQ and then more fun began. That night I started feeling some pain in my abdomen. Now being a girl really sucks since we have pain there and around there often and it could be many I just kept going. My parents arrived the next morning and my sister a few hours later. As Wednesday came my pain became more intense but I didn't want to say anything since I had a house full of family. But on the way to the viewing I couldn't handle the pain and looked at my husband and really didn't have to say much, he could see it in my eyes. I told him that if I don't feel better afterwards I needed to go to the ER. Funny thing, after I got home I enjoyed a few laughs with my mom and sister and went to bed. At 2am I awoke with more pain and woke Dave and told hm it was time for ER. I wanted to hurry since the funeral was in Whitter at 11am. I thought that I had an infection somewhere and some pills would solve it. By 5am I knew that I had a 7cm blood clott in my pelvis and my dr was there by 5:30am. Well I guess I should say that I had a little surgery July 27th to fix a little problem from having kids. My poor Dr looked at me and said you ruined my statistics! I never have any problems with this surgery. I guess I did to much to fast and broke a vessel and since that area of your body has no place to drain it just gathered. To make a long story short, I stayed in the hospital for a day and the dr wanted to make sure it wasn't growing at least. He did not mention that his plan was to pack me full of stuff and put presure on this clott to drain. I missed the funeral and my famiy came to visit and during the visit the clott decided to give and I sat in blood running up and over my leg. As the lights started flashing and I'm thinking I am hemeraging the nurses responded and called the dr. This is so long so I have left out some interesting things out but today I have finally quit bleeding and the clott is not growing. I am so tired that my mom tried to feed me liver to build up the blood. Liver or strength? No strength thank you .