Friday, July 31, 2009

Cub Scout Day Camp

Nick is lucky he got to go to two day camps. This one was at the Ventura Fairgrounds and he got to go fishing. I had to go and do a visitation and he tagged along.

2009 Pioneer day- July 18

Our stake celebrates Pioneer day with fun games, good food and a new addition the dance Festival. It is so much fun! This year Matt joined in on "THE Car Wash" and did a great job in his tye-dye shirt as he drove in and did a flip over Sam's back.

Elder McClellan update

I wish I had a picture for this post but the imagination is going to have to be enough. Last week when I received Tim's email he started it with, "Mom, I almost killed myself this week but don't worry It was for a baptizm." He continued to say that he was missing his eyebrows, eyelashes and the top layer of his hair, which had been shaved off now. The picture we put together is that he was filling up the font and the hot water was not coming out. So the smart person Tim is he went to turn on the gas and left the gas runnning to long before he lit the pilot light....BBBOOMMMM! Therefore he is missing the hair on his face. It is a good thing he has 78 days until he comes home!!!

Relaxing at the Beach

I was company free for 2 weeks and we decided to take to the beach with some friends. It was probably one of the most relaxing trips we have ever taken. Between Bobby and Matt they made it difficult to get many pictures with certain people in them or without them.

Company, Company and more Company!

As soon as the grauation company left (my parents and brother) my sister Heidi and her daughters came to get out of the Az heat. We had a trip to the beach that ended up being a nice day and the kids enjoyed it too.

Then as soon as my one sister other sister Heather and her daughter Chelsea came with Heathers boyfriend Steve and his kids Travis and Rachel. This was a fun 4th of July at Magic Mountain, a trip to venice beach (Freaks) and then Ice Cream for dinner as we watched fireworks. Let's not forget the Mcclellan Family tradition of "The Face Race".

June 18, 2009 Lindsey is 18

We were so excited the day Lindsey was born. It was a cool 122* in Mesa, Az. I could look out the window and see steam coming up off the asphault parking lot. She has always had great lungs and has always been good at using them. Lindsey knows what she wants and tells everyone the way it should be done. She is a great sister to all her brothers and sister. Lindsey is the one the family goes to, to get fashion advice. This birthday was 2 days after graduation so the party spirit had not come to our house. After a little convincing and lots of promises she agreed to invite some friends over for a "Not birthday party". She had a pasta party and some ice cream cake. It ended up being a fun night with some good friends and went way past the promised 10pm.

Simi Valley High Graduation June 16, 2009

This day was so Bitter/Sweet! Sweet because we had family in town to celebrate Lindsey's High school graduation but Bitter due to another moment without Amanda. The day was full of high emotion and not so many smiles. It was so hard to not want to send Lindsey to her room and on the other hand I wanted to cry and hug Lindsey all day. Lindsey kept sunglasses on to cover the tears in her eyes and we never got a smile. The ceremony was nice, a poem dedicated to Amanda, a standing ovation when her name was called and balloons let off in memory. I am sure Amanda would have loved the attention. Sandra and Bart had Lei's made for some of Amanda's friends and they were beautiful with a picture of Amanda on them.