Friday, July 31, 2009

Elder McClellan update

I wish I had a picture for this post but the imagination is going to have to be enough. Last week when I received Tim's email he started it with, "Mom, I almost killed myself this week but don't worry It was for a baptizm." He continued to say that he was missing his eyebrows, eyelashes and the top layer of his hair, which had been shaved off now. The picture we put together is that he was filling up the font and the hot water was not coming out. So the smart person Tim is he went to turn on the gas and left the gas runnning to long before he lit the pilot light....BBBOOMMMM! Therefore he is missing the hair on his face. It is a good thing he has 78 days until he comes home!!!

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MeganKalynn said...

i really hope much of it doesnt grow back before he comes back! i wanna see that! =)