Friday, July 31, 2009

June 18, 2009 Lindsey is 18

We were so excited the day Lindsey was born. It was a cool 122* in Mesa, Az. I could look out the window and see steam coming up off the asphault parking lot. She has always had great lungs and has always been good at using them. Lindsey knows what she wants and tells everyone the way it should be done. She is a great sister to all her brothers and sister. Lindsey is the one the family goes to, to get fashion advice. This birthday was 2 days after graduation so the party spirit had not come to our house. After a little convincing and lots of promises she agreed to invite some friends over for a "Not birthday party". She had a pasta party and some ice cream cake. It ended up being a fun night with some good friends and went way past the promised 10pm.

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