Sunday, April 26, 2009


Back in November our upstairs bathroom had a leak in the hose of the toilet. As I was cleaning up the water I noticed that the baseboards had rusty nails sticking out. I mentioned them to Dave that maybe water was sitting in the boards. He assured me it would be fine. Fast forward to April 2009..It was almost spring break and my brother was due to come in and stay. He has liked staying upstairs lately because it is quiter upstairs in the morning. As I cleaned the bathroom I noticed the rust still and thought about the new baseboards we still had in the garage from when we replaced them in the house. Dave thought that was a good idea and said he would do it later in the week. We enjoyed a nice Sunday of General Concerence and as I showered I had a thought that when we pull the baseboards off we would find mold. So I got out and tiptoed into the room my husband was in and asked him to entertain my thought. He grabbed his tools and to our surprise..mold baseboards appeared. We actually thought we could take care of it and went to home depot to get the treatment. After more baseboard was pulled off we saw that the mold had gone under the door and we called the insurance. I was scared to tell my brother because I didn't want him to not come or even worse try to fix it for us. We spent the next week with the insurance and Thursday came with my brother and family. My brother didn't believe it was a big deal and made it to the bathroom first thing. In his words, "Andrea we can do this in a few days." He ended up changing his original Wednesday departure to Saturday. We ended up tiling the whole bathroom, replaced the vanity and mirror. My brother is so good to me he makes sure that any project is complete down to the pictures hung up. I now have a beautiful bathroom and I feel bad he spent his vacation doing it. I am really lucky to have a loving brother. Thank you Jeremy and Azure for being patient.

Spring Break at Sea World

We decided that we needed some time away from Simi Valley. My brother and his family came down to visit for the week so we took the weekend and went to San Diego. We spent a day at Sea World which is one of my favorite parks in California.
Nick loved all the animals and was able to touch some like the batray. He didn't want to leave. We saw a white whale, Polar Bear, penquins and many beautiful creatures. It is always fun to see the excitement in a new child's eyes of thngs that have not been seen. My nephew, Aden was amazed at all he saw. We ended our trip with the San Diego Temple. I felt so much peace there and I didn't want to leave. Little did we know more fun awaited when we got home....

Mormon Prom

This year is bringing many lasts for Lindsey. She went to Mormon prom with Scott. He is Amanda's boyfriends friend. He was a nice guy and not bad looking either. The prom was in Ventura and was a nice night. Lindsey got home about 2am but was tired and she told me about it the next day.She has been asked to Granada Hills Prom May 1st so here we go again.

Jr Olympics

We had a 4 year break from Jr Olympics and the week before we had the coach ask if Julie could run for them. I have to admit I really wanted to say we were busy but Julie was excited. So we made another visit to Royal High School for another day of Fun in the Sun. Jule ran in the 4/5 grade 6 x 67 relay and the 5/6 grade 6 x 67 relay the 5/6 relay team went to the finals so we spent from 8am to 3pm out at the track. It was fun to see Julie so excited and to see her run around that track as fast as she could. They came in 8th out of 22 elementary schools. Good Job Julie!!

Senior Pictures

Last fall we had our appointment to have Lindsey's senior pictures taken. We show up to O'connor and I look at Lindsey and say, "Hurry and go change!" She looked at me with a "WHAT" look and said, "Change into what?" I was really confused at this point and she said, "Mom, I am just going to take my yearbook picture and I want you to take my announcement picture at a graffiti park." You could imagine MY look.... Especially since she really didn't do much to her hair, makeup or even what she wore. After getting over her yucky yearbook picture, we took a day in the spring and ventured out to one of my favorite picture taking place. One more surprise or not..Amanada came too!

Matt's Soccer Banquet

Matt was lucky to have his first high school banquet at the Lost Canyon Golf course. What a beautiful venue, but I will say that the room was not very good for seeing or hearing what was going on. Matt played a good season with it being his freshman year. He started most of the season as a forward and assisted in many goals. Matt says he has had enough of soccer but we will see.

Lindsey Soccer Banquet

After a nice meal by Red's,Lindsey has finally come to her last soccer banquet as a high school student. I have to admit I was sad to see her and all her friends that she has played soccer with since she started at some time or another standing up on the stage as grown up almost women. Many of them are moving on to play at Moorpark but the excitement of the parents and their friendships will be missed. By the end of the night Lindsey was given the MVP award at she worked hard to earn it. we ar every proud of Lindsey and all the time she has spent becoming a great soccer player.

Blog Blah!

I have had a stack of updates that have been haunting me to put on. Then I noticed that just about everyone on my friends list had updated several times since I had. However, I still didn't even really care. Then I have a friend in her recovery that posted a wonderful post and that inspired me or I am trying to delay the lesson prep that I need to do for church. Either way I am doing it NOW!