Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mormon Prom

This year is bringing many lasts for Lindsey. She went to Mormon prom with Scott. He is Amanda's boyfriends friend. He was a nice guy and not bad looking either. The prom was in Ventura and was a nice night. Lindsey got home about 2am but was tired and she told me about it the next day.She has been asked to Granada Hills Prom May 1st so here we go again.


Liz said...

I still can't believe little Linny-boo is about to graduate. It makes ME feel old since I remember when she was little teeny tiny!

Matt and Keline said...

I was blog hopping and came across yours. I really miss these girls. They were so fun to be around in volleyball. Time flies. And sadly you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I know how close these two were. Amanda will do amazing things for our Father in Heaven.

Marci said...

Lindsey & Andrea,
I was thinking of you guys tonight and have been praying for you to feel the Love of the Lord. I didn't want to call but wanted you to know that Sperry and I "heart" you both. Thank you for being an example of strength: doing things that only you can do for Amanda. I loved these beautiful pictures posted here. Thank you for sharing so much love with all of us. Lindsey, thanks for sharing some treasured memories with me. We will be thinking of you both tomorrow. with love, Marci (and Sperry)