Sunday, April 26, 2009


Back in November our upstairs bathroom had a leak in the hose of the toilet. As I was cleaning up the water I noticed that the baseboards had rusty nails sticking out. I mentioned them to Dave that maybe water was sitting in the boards. He assured me it would be fine. Fast forward to April 2009..It was almost spring break and my brother was due to come in and stay. He has liked staying upstairs lately because it is quiter upstairs in the morning. As I cleaned the bathroom I noticed the rust still and thought about the new baseboards we still had in the garage from when we replaced them in the house. Dave thought that was a good idea and said he would do it later in the week. We enjoyed a nice Sunday of General Concerence and as I showered I had a thought that when we pull the baseboards off we would find mold. So I got out and tiptoed into the room my husband was in and asked him to entertain my thought. He grabbed his tools and to our surprise..mold baseboards appeared. We actually thought we could take care of it and went to home depot to get the treatment. After more baseboard was pulled off we saw that the mold had gone under the door and we called the insurance. I was scared to tell my brother because I didn't want him to not come or even worse try to fix it for us. We spent the next week with the insurance and Thursday came with my brother and family. My brother didn't believe it was a big deal and made it to the bathroom first thing. In his words, "Andrea we can do this in a few days." He ended up changing his original Wednesday departure to Saturday. We ended up tiling the whole bathroom, replaced the vanity and mirror. My brother is so good to me he makes sure that any project is complete down to the pictures hung up. I now have a beautiful bathroom and I feel bad he spent his vacation doing it. I am really lucky to have a loving brother. Thank you Jeremy and Azure for being patient.

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Kim said...

We need pictures :) That is awesome that he helps you with these fun projects--and continues to come back for more. Nice brother!