Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Mom's Dream

You spend your whole Childhood as a girl thinking about when you are a mom. Then you have a child and you spend the rest of your life worring about them. That's after you lose sleep and have anxiety over sending a son on a mission. Now Tim has always been a pleasure but the stress of sending him was hard. But now I look forward to his weekly emails and all that stress melts away. Here is a blurp from todays and you will see why: "We had a meeting yesterday with president and his wife at there house and she made lunch for us and it was just like your potato soup it was way good(not as good as yours). It was nice though because it was raining but the rain is good because Uruguay has been in a drought this year and so we are doing a big fast here in uruguay well in Argentina and Paraguay also but we are fasting for rain. My companion and I are doing well we are trying to fit more time into being in our area but its kinda of hard because we constantly have to get work done. Gretal came in yesterday also (shes in charge of the church finances in South America) so that was fun just a big audit. Well mom and dad and family I love you all its crazy how fast time is going I feel like I just got here. But i still have some time and I'm grateful for the time I have to serve here, but dont worry im still really excited to see you guys. Well I love you all and I'll see you soon bye " See and now I just think about hugging him and kissing him right back into my arms of safety!
250 days left!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Formal

Tonight is Simi's Winter Formal at the Ronald Reagan Library and Lindsey had a date! She looked so cute and her friends were as well. Lindsey went with a boy from the soccer team (who else?) his name is Tony. She even found a way to have her Best Friends with her. After a day of hair, make up and all the girl fluff, I am glad I only have 2 girls and they are 7 years apart. Mostly because all the things girl's like I hate. Hair, Make up and SHOPPING! Actually, the only time it is fun shopping is at Christmas time when I go with a friend that makes me laugh so hard in the Underwear department as we pick out fun things for lindsey's stocking. Now that she has moved away I really don't like shopping. Like I always say, "Boys have it made, if I could shave my head and not wear make up and stay married it would be a good day!"

PineWood Derby

Nick's first pack meeting and it was the best one...Pinewood Derby! He raced his batmobile and won several heats but lost a few too. Nick worked really hard to earn his Bobcat and got to pin mom and broke a rule but it was still fun. Come to think of it I don't think he has done a good deed to turn is pin. I have to keep telling Nick not to work on his wolf because he had a whole year before he can do his Bear

I like to eat, eat, eat Milkshakes and Potatos

I had to blog this because I laughed so hard and you can never laugh enough. Last week was "M" week at preschool. So one day was milkshake and mashed potato day. Each child picked what they wanted in their shake and we made them. Shortly after I had finished the last blend One boy Matthew came to me and said, "Mrs. Andrea Look!" I looked down with my hands full of ice cream and milk and to my surprise he had taken a big gulp of milkshake all over his face. I hadn't even thought about reminding them that they are thick and that I was giving them a spoon as soon as I washed up. OOPPPSS! Note for next year..hand them a spoon first and then the shake.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tim's P-Day

Today is Tim's P-day and I always get up on a Saturday morning at 6am and get on the computer to see if he has written us, then I keep refreshing it until I hear from him. Today was later in the day but he had this new picture of him at the beach in Punta Del Este. Its the main attraction in the city where all the tourist go. He went there to get his drivers license. He also was excited to have Sister Peterson (Mission Pres. Wife) come back from her trip to Utah and cook for him. He said, "Holy cow, I cant wait to come home and eat with you guys and actually have food that has flavor it was a nice change to eat a nice meal with the President's Family." Tim also left advise for Matt and ping pong and said Lindsey could happily drive him to school when he is home. He has survived his 1st month in the mission home and has 5 more left. I can't wait to talk to him in May and then he will only have 5 months left. But for today he has 265 days and I'm not counting.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Batman Pinewood Derby

This is Nick's first Pinewood derby. He is so excited after seeing his brothers participate. If fact each week when it is time for his den meetings he says,

Nick; "Is today scouts mom",

Mom: Yes Nick, go get a snack and get ready, we will leave in 15 minutes.

Nick: Yes! I love scouts!

It is so cute to see him loving the program. When we were in AZ over Christmas, My brother Jeremy cut Nick's car for Dave and Him to finish. Nick decided he wanted a Bat Mobile. They did a good let's hope it takes the track good too.

Simi VS Royal

This week, like every other we spent lots of time at the high schools and soccer. Matt plays at 3 and then lindsey plays at 6. Don't be jealous of the 5 hours I get several times a week to sit and bask in the wind. Now anyone should know how much I love soccer... but I do like the high school soccer games. Tuesday we played Newbury Park Matt lost 2-1, Lindsey lost also 4-0. Friday was our rival Royal High. This game is always antisipated and lots of people show up. Matt played first and BEAT Royal 1-0. Then Lindsey was very windy and a hard game we didn't loose but we tied 0-0. Better than a loss! Watch out Royal we will see you again in a few weeks!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chemistry Dreams

I started back to school this week and I have been having this dream about my Chemistry class. One of my biggest fears is that I am in a class with all 18 year olds. Well that fear has came true many times, so I am over that but my dreams are not over a few things. I keep dreaming that I go to buy my Chemistry book and when I walk out I look at it and it has colored triangles and other shapes. I realize I have accidentally bought a pre school book. By this time in the dream I am almost late for class so I decide to take the pre school book with me and exchange it later. For some reason I cannot find my class and stop to visit in another class with some friends. Somehow, my teacher finds out that I am in that class and announces to the class that he has came to retrieve his tardy student. Well, let's just say that the ratings on his looks are not what others had said and I am very disappointed by this new discovery and follow him into his class with all 18 year olds. To make this long story short, I attended class today and I bought the right book and I was even early for class. But, I still sat next to a girl that could be my own. The only thing I forgot to dream about was how I almost fell asleep during the 2 HOUR POWER POINT LECTURE!!! I have decided that a good night sleep and having breakfast are going to have to be a necessity for this class.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

This hopefully updates everything to now. We had a fun new year with my brother and family and our 6th year of breakfast at 1am for all the friends of Lindsey and Matt at the Stake dance. I love being a mom and all that comes with it. 2009 is bringing more changes in our life as Lindsey graduates from high school, Tim is home in October, Matt gets closer to driving and Julie and Nick keep getting older also. I start a new semester at Moorpark college with Chemistry and Algebra 2 and biology in the summer. Dave is leaving on a trip in a few days and gets to see our beagle "Snickers".
I hope all of our loved ones and friends are blessed and know of our love for them and enjoy the new year!

Pappy, Grandpa and now Dave's 66

Yes, we have now inherited the pride and joy of many generations of McClellans. When we came home on Tuesday not only did we bring my brother, sister and their families but a new addition. Dave was more excited than I have ever seen at the chance to have his family 66 truck. He has washed it, drove it all around and wakes up every morning like it is Christmas all over again. He runs to the window to make sure it is still in front of our house and it always is. My boys love it just as much and already are talking about who is driving it. Guess what? It is not me. It is cute and it makes my husband very happy.

Christmas call from Tim

My Christmas would not have been very good without talking to Elder Mcclellan. I can't believe that he has been gone for over a year and will be home in 280 days. He is doing well and has just been transferred to the mission office as the financial secretary. I guess the mission president didn't know that it took Tim 3 years to get through Algebra 1, however his time at Bank of America must have paid off. He is now driving and doing more of an office type job with only 2 hours a day to leave. He was a little sad to leave the normal missionary life but he sounded like he had adjusted fine. Unfortunately, Tim's wallet was stolen so we spent this past week trying to get a copy of his drivers license and cancelling his debit card. We received several calls and new instructions without much success but...I GOT TO TALK TO HIM A FEW MORE TIMES THAN USUAL! After all our work I found a copy of his drivers license and emailed it to him at 12 midnight for him to find on January 1st. He thanked us for all our help and told us about a phone call he received that day from some Elders in the other mission. A lady had come to them and handed them a drivers license, temple recommend, debit card and 2 blank checks wondering if they knew who they could belong to. However it happened he was very happy and felt like a miracle had happened. They did take all his money and his wallet. Our year has never been like this one with the continued blessings that our family has had poured on us due to Tim's faith and the blessings of following the lord. We love you Tim!!

Mesa Temple lights

Our trip to AZ is always fun but we made a visit to the Temple with all the McClellan's and our 6th child Amanda. Amanda thought that our visit to see family was going to be so much fun, hopefully she was not disappointed. The lights at the temple were beautiful and such an inspiring event. It could only have been better if Tim was there. We love our families very much and it feels great to be at the temple with a few of them and to realize how blessed we are to have been born into these families.

Character Matters

The next thing that filled our month was Nick's 2nd grade class put on a play called "Character Matters". It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Way better than most school plays. Nick even had a solo he sang and did such a good job I almost cried.

Children's Christmas Choir

For the last few years our stake has had a big choir concert with many creche displays. I think this year was about 400 different countries. Julie loves to sing in the children's choir and does a great job at it.

It's great to be 8!

Nick is finally 8 on December 4th! He has been waiting for several years to be like the rest of his siblings. He celebrated with a birthday party at big Z. Nick had a few friends and brothers and sisters there to celebrate. Keeping with the 8 traditions in our family Nick got his first set of scriptures and after a conversation about white scriptures getting really dirty he picked some green ones. Nick also got a new CTR ring and has lost it several times since. Another great event for Nick is he started Cub Scouts and he loves it. He has earned his Bobcat and most of his Wolf and is anticipating the porche that Uncle Jeremy made for the Pinewood Derby. This has been a fun month for Nick as we went to AZ for him to be baptized after Christmas and he had all his family there with him to celebrate.

Blog Challenged

I have been stalling in updating my blog for a month. I wanted to figure out how to change the background and put everyone on my blog so I didn't have to go to my email to check the blog. Thankfully my sister in law Azure and I played with our blogs for a few hours and made the changes I had wanted. So now I can update the whole month of December.