Thursday, January 29, 2009

I like to eat, eat, eat Milkshakes and Potatos

I had to blog this because I laughed so hard and you can never laugh enough. Last week was "M" week at preschool. So one day was milkshake and mashed potato day. Each child picked what they wanted in their shake and we made them. Shortly after I had finished the last blend One boy Matthew came to me and said, "Mrs. Andrea Look!" I looked down with my hands full of ice cream and milk and to my surprise he had taken a big gulp of milkshake all over his face. I hadn't even thought about reminding them that they are thick and that I was giving them a spoon as soon as I washed up. OOPPPSS! Note for next year..hand them a spoon first and then the shake.


Mattson Family said...

That is so precious!! Taylor LOVED milkshake day!! She is anxiously awaiting pajama day. :)

Melina O'Brien said...

Matthew said that he got a face full of milkshake on Milkshake Day!!! A picture is worth a thousand words though! I love his "Really, Mrs. Andrea? Really?" Too funny :) Do you have a copy! Thanks for the laugh!

Julianna said...

i miss the days of seth being at "Mrs. Andrea's." he always had so much fun at school with you!!