Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's great to be 8!

Nick is finally 8 on December 4th! He has been waiting for several years to be like the rest of his siblings. He celebrated with a birthday party at big Z. Nick had a few friends and brothers and sisters there to celebrate. Keeping with the 8 traditions in our family Nick got his first set of scriptures and after a conversation about white scriptures getting really dirty he picked some green ones. Nick also got a new CTR ring and has lost it several times since. Another great event for Nick is he started Cub Scouts and he loves it. He has earned his Bobcat and most of his Wolf and is anticipating the porche that Uncle Jeremy made for the Pinewood Derby. This has been a fun month for Nick as we went to AZ for him to be baptized after Christmas and he had all his family there with him to celebrate.


Marie said...

How nice that everyone got to be there - we always love visiting in Mesa!!!

Beth said...

Congratulations Nick! We wish we could have been there on your big day.
Love you guys!