Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas call from Tim

My Christmas would not have been very good without talking to Elder Mcclellan. I can't believe that he has been gone for over a year and will be home in 280 days. He is doing well and has just been transferred to the mission office as the financial secretary. I guess the mission president didn't know that it took Tim 3 years to get through Algebra 1, however his time at Bank of America must have paid off. He is now driving and doing more of an office type job with only 2 hours a day to leave. He was a little sad to leave the normal missionary life but he sounded like he had adjusted fine. Unfortunately, Tim's wallet was stolen so we spent this past week trying to get a copy of his drivers license and cancelling his debit card. We received several calls and new instructions without much success but...I GOT TO TALK TO HIM A FEW MORE TIMES THAN USUAL! After all our work I found a copy of his drivers license and emailed it to him at 12 midnight for him to find on January 1st. He thanked us for all our help and told us about a phone call he received that day from some Elders in the other mission. A lady had come to them and handed them a drivers license, temple recommend, debit card and 2 blank checks wondering if they knew who they could belong to. However it happened he was very happy and felt like a miracle had happened. They did take all his money and his wallet. Our year has never been like this one with the continued blessings that our family has had poured on us due to Tim's faith and the blessings of following the lord. We love you Tim!!

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Marie said...

Wow - that truly is amazing that he got all of his things back, minus the wallet and money. I think he did get the most important, hardest to replace items back. That's great!!

If you'll send me an e-mail, I can invite you to our blog (it's private). I don't have yours. Ours is at the bottom of our Christmas card. I'd rather not post it here if you'll understand ;) Take care, and happy New Year!!

Marie (and Peter)