Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tim's P-Day

Today is Tim's P-day and I always get up on a Saturday morning at 6am and get on the computer to see if he has written us, then I keep refreshing it until I hear from him. Today was later in the day but he had this new picture of him at the beach in Punta Del Este. Its the main attraction in the city where all the tourist go. He went there to get his drivers license. He also was excited to have Sister Peterson (Mission Pres. Wife) come back from her trip to Utah and cook for him. He said, "Holy cow, I cant wait to come home and eat with you guys and actually have food that has flavor it was a nice change to eat a nice meal with the President's Family." Tim also left advise for Matt and ping pong and said Lindsey could happily drive him to school when he is home. He has survived his 1st month in the mission home and has 5 more left. I can't wait to talk to him in May and then he will only have 5 months left. But for today he has 265 days and I'm not counting.


Erin Stones said...

I love hearing from Brian too! He only has 136 days left! I don't know if you have seen my mission countdown at the bottom of my blog, but you can check it out and there is a link so that you can do your own if you want. Also, now that I have made my blog private yur sidebar won't show the accurate time since my last post. You will ust have to check it on your own to find out if I have updated it. I know that is annoying, but I went private to keep my hubby happy, so... I love keeping up with your blog. Its fun to see what everyone is up to.

Mattson Family said...

It's so nice that you can email now. Can you imagine having to wait for the snail mail every time you wanted to hear from him?