Sunday, January 18, 2009

Batman Pinewood Derby

This is Nick's first Pinewood derby. He is so excited after seeing his brothers participate. If fact each week when it is time for his den meetings he says,

Nick; "Is today scouts mom",

Mom: Yes Nick, go get a snack and get ready, we will leave in 15 minutes.

Nick: Yes! I love scouts!

It is so cute to see him loving the program. When we were in AZ over Christmas, My brother Jeremy cut Nick's car for Dave and Him to finish. Nick decided he wanted a Bat Mobile. They did a good let's hope it takes the track good too.


Fairchild Family said...

That is the best car I have ever seen I would be excited if I were him too!

Beth said...

Cool car Nick! When's the race?

Heather said...

Love the car. What a great idea.
I hear you have weddings. Wish I was there to help.