Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Mom's Dream

You spend your whole Childhood as a girl thinking about when you are a mom. Then you have a child and you spend the rest of your life worring about them. That's after you lose sleep and have anxiety over sending a son on a mission. Now Tim has always been a pleasure but the stress of sending him was hard. But now I look forward to his weekly emails and all that stress melts away. Here is a blurp from todays and you will see why: "We had a meeting yesterday with president and his wife at there house and she made lunch for us and it was just like your potato soup it was way good(not as good as yours). It was nice though because it was raining but the rain is good because Uruguay has been in a drought this year and so we are doing a big fast here in uruguay well in Argentina and Paraguay also but we are fasting for rain. My companion and I are doing well we are trying to fit more time into being in our area but its kinda of hard because we constantly have to get work done. Gretal came in yesterday also (shes in charge of the church finances in South America) so that was fun just a big audit. Well mom and dad and family I love you all its crazy how fast time is going I feel like I just got here. But i still have some time and I'm grateful for the time I have to serve here, but dont worry im still really excited to see you guys. Well I love you all and I'll see you soon bye " See and now I just think about hugging him and kissing him right back into my arms of safety!
250 days left!!


MeganKalynn said...

I cant believe he has less than a year left! it really seems like he just left!!!

redstarmama said...

Andrea! Have you aged at all? I just found you through, I think, Sarah Mattson's blog, and really, is it fair that your kids are all grown up and you and Tom Cruise look exactly the same? Glad to see you all looking so happy!

Take care,
Jenny Woodhead Hambly

BookwormMama said...

I feel the same way when I read Garek's emails. :]

Love ya!