Sunday, January 18, 2009

Simi VS Royal

This week, like every other we spent lots of time at the high schools and soccer. Matt plays at 3 and then lindsey plays at 6. Don't be jealous of the 5 hours I get several times a week to sit and bask in the wind. Now anyone should know how much I love soccer... but I do like the high school soccer games. Tuesday we played Newbury Park Matt lost 2-1, Lindsey lost also 4-0. Friday was our rival Royal High. This game is always antisipated and lots of people show up. Matt played first and BEAT Royal 1-0. Then Lindsey was very windy and a hard game we didn't loose but we tied 0-0. Better than a loss! Watch out Royal we will see you again in a few weeks!

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Lori said...

I was just commenting to Chris how I'm glad that my kids are playing basketball INSIDE a gym (3:00 and 7:00) instead of sitting outside in the wind or freezing weather we had a couple of weeks ago.Anyway, I feel your pain.