Monday, May 4, 2009

Frilla sparkle

What a Week! Who would have thought that it would have brought such heartache and pain. The loss of Amanda has impacted my heart, not to mention her families and ours. She will surely be missed! There have been several tender mercies this week and I know that Amanda has sent her love to Lindsey many times. There are so many great memories, wonderful talks and lots of lunches out with the two of them. Amanda loved to eat and would come with Lindsey every day after school and walk in the door and say, "Andrea, I am not hungry! No, a cheese quesedilla does not sound good, and those avacados they look so gross! No don't worry about it, I am not hungry." I am thankful for the knowlege that we will see her again but it is the next 50 years that we have to wait that makes it hard. We love you Amanda and we will see you again.