Sunday, April 26, 2009

Senior Pictures

Last fall we had our appointment to have Lindsey's senior pictures taken. We show up to O'connor and I look at Lindsey and say, "Hurry and go change!" She looked at me with a "WHAT" look and said, "Change into what?" I was really confused at this point and she said, "Mom, I am just going to take my yearbook picture and I want you to take my announcement picture at a graffiti park." You could imagine MY look.... Especially since she really didn't do much to her hair, makeup or even what she wore. After getting over her yucky yearbook picture, we took a day in the spring and ventured out to one of my favorite picture taking place. One more surprise or not..Amanada came too!

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Michelle said...

Nice job Andrea!! I think you did a great job. Lindsey looks cute too! :)